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I‘m Linda Hewett


Qualified Confidence Coach at Your Confidence Club.

I’ve worked one-to-one with many fee-paying clients over the last decade and now I’m offering FREE Confidence Coaching here, at Your Confidence Club.

Do you want to …

  • find your lost Confidence?
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Is this you?

You’re dissatisfied with how you live your life …

  • You’re frightened.
  • You’re worried.
  • You’d love to make changes in your life but you’re too scared.
  • You feel all alone.
  • If only you knew someone who could help, without judging …

Well, now you do!

You’ve found your Confidence Mentor.

You can email me about your issue and I’ll write about it here, to help you and other members of Your Confidence Club, confidentially of course,

or – you can email me privately.

Be assured, I never use any real names in my posts, without the person’s permission.

Have a think about whether Confidence Coaching is something you’d like to try.  Just email me to arrange a start date and time.

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Clients have commented …

  • Your posts have enough energy to inspire people and help them change Linda. Keep up the good work.’
  • ‘Life is so good when we give ourselves permission to really live it!’
  • ‘You have a fabulously original style. Your posts are easy to read, have universal appeal, and that joy of yours is evident.’

We’re all set!

Let’s find your confidence … together!